GicaP Products Ltda initiates its foreign relations in October 2008 at the SIAL exhibition in Paris: the biggest showcase for the global food industry. This gigantic food marketplace gathered more than 5.500 exhibitors and for more than 40 years SIAL has been the platform to show the best in the agro-industry from all over the world and or course, GicaP Products Ltda could not be the exception.

Around 250 new products were introduced and displayed at the Trends and Innovations observatory after a selection from around 3000 products and GicaP Products Ltda was one of them with the product ¨7 Herbs¨. The analysis of the ingredients committee was: ¨preservation of the natural characteristics of fresh herbs¨. The type of innovation recognized included recipes, composition, technology and manufacturing process.

This is precisely the objective for all the food´s alternatives GicaP Products Ltda have: freshness preservation for over 1 year regardless the product. This is possible because of the innovative green technology it uses: ¨Confined Zeodratation¨ an international pattern technology where pressure, temperature and zeolites play and important role.

In November 2008, GicaP Products Ltda participated in another exhibition: Health and Natural Ingredients Europe 2008, that also took place in Paris; this time, GicaP Products Ltda presented raw materials and finished products for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, nutritional and health applications from agriculture, fish and chicken farming industries dried by the Confined Zeodratation process; technology that allows keeping nutritional and aromatic characteristics after drying. At HI 2008, we introduced bioactive components, natural colors, fruits, herbs, spices and seasoning, marine based ingredients, organic and therapeutic ingredients.

HI 2008 had 530 exhibitors, more than 7000 attendees from 94 countries and 109 press members that had a particular interest in GicaP Products Ltda. The HI DAILY wrote: ¨There are many exhibitors here that are rightly proud of their technological innovation, the quality of their products or their green credentials. GicaP Products Ltda of Columbia can claim exceptional contributions in all three fields but is perhaps unique in the scope of the social programmers to which it contributes¨.

In April 2009 GicaP Products Ltda participated in the IAMOT 2009, the 18th International Conference for the International Association of Management of Technology that took place in Orlando, Florida, USA.
This conference focused on the Management of Green Technology (GT) from various perspectives in which trends and research attracted most of the attention. GicaP Products Ltda presented the Confined Zeodratation system that was very well accepted by the international MOT community.

The conference also addressed other issues related the MOT Education, R&D, technology transfer, and theory of technology, with special attention to emerging technologies that contribute to the quality of life.
This unique drying system is starting to grow interest in the scientific community.
Switzerland during the International inventions salon.

Publications also start appearing in international journals, here are some links: